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TV Host.  Producer.  Speaker.  Writer.  Dreamer.  Doer.


Those are just a few words to describe Leslie Kao. But what she’s best known for is her effervescent spirit and zest for life. And that's what she brings to the set, stage, and screen.


Born and raised in Washington State, Leslie cultivated a passion for visual storytelling at a young age. In fact, her favorite childhood pastime was

reporting stories "LIVE" from her backyard on her parent’s VHS camcorder.

Over the years as her skills, creativity, and curiosity evolved (along with technology thank God) so too did her zeal for making media that matters.



Following her internship at Good Morning America in New York City, Leslie moved to Los Angeles to begin her career in television. Nearly a decade later, she has produced for several nationally syndicated TV shows and award-winning documentary films. Her interview subjects have ranged from heroes and icons to innovators and influencers from NASA, the United Nations, Disney, DreamWorks, Mattel, Broadway, Riverdance, Cirque du Soleil, the LA Kings, LA Galaxy, and the Olympics.




Leslie’s favorite stories to capture are ordinary people living extraordinary lives around the world. To date, she's traveled to 30+ countries including Cuba, Brazil, Switzerland, South Africa, Tanzania, India, Ireland, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.


In addition to her roles in TV / film production, Leslie is a faithful voice of hope, and speaks candidly about overcoming obstacles.

She has survived a near-death accident, a mild-traumatic brain injury, and conquered a vicious decade-long eating disorder. Today, she is an ambassador and advocate for health, and living a life of courage, freedom, and JOY.


Leslie holds a degree in Visual Communications and International Studies from American University in Washington, D.C. and enjoys biking, camping, kayaking, and other outdoor adventures with her husband and two littles in Los Angeles, CA.

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